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Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo on DVD
Learn how to draw animals, pirates, dinosaurs and more



Undersea Animal Drawing DVD


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In this DVD: Learn how to draw animals who live undersea! Artist Michael Moodoo shows viewers how to draw animals with easy-to-follow, step-by-step drawing instructions.

Drawing Power! how to draw DVD series has won awards from Parents' Choice Foundation, Dr. Toy & Kids First!



Wizards, Castles & Dragons DVD


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In this DVD: Learn how to draw castles using 2-point perspective!

Learn the secret shapes behind dragons and wizards and use them to create fun, realistic drawings!

Artist Michael Moodoo show viewers how to draw with step-by-step drawing instructions.

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My Ultimate Room DVD


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In this DVD: Learn how to create fun, realistic drawings of your own ultimate Water Slide room with a basketball goal, rope climb, diving board & jacuzzi! In Part 2, Draw a Monkey theme room with monkey bars, rock climb, banana tree, monkey bed & more!

Drawing Power! DVD reviews & awards

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Safari Animal Drawing DVD
Learn how to draw an elephant, giraffe, poison dart frog, toucan and lion!


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Reviews: "In clear, step-by-step instructions, Moodoo shows how to combine easily-drawn elements into realistic animal portraits. Although the presentation is aimed at younger artists, the techniques can be used by anyone interested in learning how to draw animals."

-ALA Booklist, June 2008

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Drawing Power!
Pirate Drawing Adventure DVD

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In this DVD: Learn how to draw a Pirate portrait, Pirate ship, Treasure map, Treasure chest, Sea monster, Skull island, Captain Greenbeard, and more!

KIDS FIRST! Award Winner

Reviews: "This colorful, instructional production, with its warm and humorous host, will be a hit in elementary art rooms."

-School Library Journal, Aug 2007

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Winner of Dr. Toy and Parents' Choice Awards

Reviews: "Viewers will appreciate the emphasis on having fun while learning how to draw a variety of dinosaurs." -School Library Journal, Oct 2006

"The perfect video for any child who loves dinosaurs.", Oct. 2006

Drawing Power! Drawing video
Learn how to draw objects and characters
from life or the imagination

Drawing Power!
Vol. 1: Ultimate Drawing Tool-kit

Drawing Power video

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FREE Drawing Lessons! How to draw Blort, a pirate ship, and more!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

•Can anyone learn how to draw? Absolutely. Drawing Power! helps students of all ages develop drawing ability and creativity.

Is it easy? Yes. Everything is broken down into basic shapes, like cubes, balls, and letter shapes. We also cover common mistakes and how to fix them.

•How quickly will I be able to learn? In just minutes, Drawing Power! provides step-by-step techniques to create objects, places, and characters from life or imagination.

•What materials are needed? Just pencil and paper.

-- Have fun drawing! --

About the Series:

Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo is the innovative DVD series that helps viewers learn secrets of making successful and satisfying drawings. Using "Shape Substitution" and Secret Shape Vocabulary, viewers are able to create realistic drawings you can reach out and touch. These wonderful, charming videos are fun learning tools that children and older viewers enjoy.

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How did Drawing Power! get started?

Artist Michael Moodoo is a former elementary school art instructor, who was searching for a fun way to teach students how to create satisfying, realistic drawings. Mr. Moodoo and his students developed amazing new drawing techniques.

What are these new drawing techniques?

The videos are packed with important drawing techniques, such as "Secret shapes". Students learn the names of Secret Shapes, such as "carrot" or "macaroni", and how to use them to make realistic and satisfying drawings. "Shape Substitution" is another Moodoo innovation that takes a complicated, hard-to-draw shape -- for example: a hand -- and breaks it down into Secret Shapes which are easy to draw.

Each video includes step-by-step drawing instruction, plus common drawing mistakes and how to fix them. The goal of Drawing Power! is to help viewers of all ages discover the fun of drawing!

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Secrets to Drawing

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