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Awards / Reviews for Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo, Ultimate Dinosaur Drawing

Parents' Choice Foundation Approved Award, August 2006


“Perfect for any child who loves dinosaurs.”
– Carey Bryson, About.com

Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo: Ultimate Dinosaur Drawing... effectively teaches kids how to draw dinosaurs in a manner which is very easy for them to follow. The DVD is geared toward kids 5 and up, but my incredibly impatient 3-year-old little girl watched it and drew right along with Michael. I was amazed at how well she was able to make the shapes he described, creating a dinosaur of her very own. For children who love dinosaurs, this DVD would be the perfect gift.”
– Carey Bryson, About.com, October 2006

"The homespun set, quirky costume and warm unassuming manner of artist Michael Moodoo (Michael Dowell), a professional animator and elementary school art teacher, show viewers how to use simple shapes to draw a variety of dinosaurs ... Dowell imparts his useful drawing techniques with calm, pleasant and unhurried pacing."
-Parents' Choice Foundation, September 2006

"Animator/art instructor Michael Dowell, aka Michael Moodoo, dressed in a top hat and tails, teaches viewers how to draw basic shapes. Next, he demonstrates how to draw dinosaur body parts, giving these shapes names such as macaroni, bent pipes, and gum drops. All the shapes become part of a dinosaur. In part 2, Moodoo demonstrates how to combine the basic shapes to draw 12 dinosaurs including a stegosaurus, a fighting T-rex, a triceratops, and a guitar-equipped dilophosaurus. Viewers following along may need to hustle to keep up, but the artist is always encouraging and stresses that practice is important. Humorous animated segments of the fully drawn dinosaur close most lessons ... There’s all-out silliness in the final Disco Dinos section, where brachiosaurus holds a disco ball. Viewers will learn how to draw many different types of dinosaurs and will appreciate the emphasis on having fun while drawing.”
-School Library Journal, September, 2006


Awards / Reviews for Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo, Vol. 1: Ultimate Drawing Tool-kit

"...Fun characters, interesting animation, useful drawing techniques, and a warm manner of presentation helps children and older students use their imaginations and develop artistic skills"
-School Library Journal, February 2005

"Video of the Week"
-School Library Journal Online, March 2005



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